So, you finally mastered JavaScript callbacks & prototypes & semicolons — what are you going to learn next? Level Up your JS skills at Devpost!

Tracking.js is an open source computer vision (CV) library. You can use it to track colors, detect facial features, and more in the browser. (If you’ve got a cyan or magenta post-it next to you, here’s a little demo you can play with right now.)

Devpost want to see your best JavaScript CV hacks this month and we’ll feature our favorite four in our weekly newsletter, video podcast, and to the entire hacker community.

What will you learn?

Until recently, CV was primarily in the realm of C/C++ and native apps. Now, you can use it in webapps, without reinventing the wheel.

With tracking.js, you can use color tracking and face detection to build games, enhance your web apps, make art, or build your own feature detection / tracker. It’s up to you and your creativity.

How do you get started?

  1. Register for LevelUp 1.
  2. Explore a few tracking.js examples (1 2 3) and bookmark the API docs.
  3. Disect the face detection (demo, code) and color tracking (demo, code) tutorials.


LevelUp is about learning, so there’s just a handful of rules:

  • The work you submit must be your own. Use whatever tools and libraries you want, but please give credit where it’s due.
  • You must create and submit a new project.
  • We have be able to test your hack. Host it online, give us a repo link, send us a binary, or whatever makes the most sense for you.

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We'll feature our favorite hack in our weekly newsletter, video podcast, and to the entire hacker community.

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  • Does it work and does it thrill?

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