over 8 years ago

And the winner is...

We've got a winner! Congratulations to David Kanda for coming up with headbang.js, a tracking.js hack that plays songs based on how fast you bang your head.

You can find it and all the other submissions in the gallery.

over 8 years ago

Who tracks the trackers?

Heyo! Hope you had a great weekend. We just published the LevelUp 1 submission gallery, so go check out the tracking.js hacks!

over 8 years ago

ZOMG deadlines!!

The clock is ticking and your code ain't gonna write itself! The submission deadline is 5pm ET 9/17. (That's tomorrow bub)

over 8 years ago

How's it going?

Hola! I’m working on my tracking.js hack right now, but I’d really like to see what you’re working on.

Tweet @DevpostHacks and post a screenshot or gif of what you’re building.

This is what I've got so far:

over 8 years ago

Getting started

Hiyo! The Devpost team and I are pumped to have you on board for LevelUp1. This is the first learning focused hackathon we’ve ever done, and we hope you’ll have fun with it.

No big deal, just totally covered in color trackers

To get the hang of tracking.js, read through the docs and unpack some of the demos. Here’s the basic face tracking example. And here’s an example of color detection in video.

In my opinion, the coolest thing you can do with this library is trigger events & log data based on features & colors. A couple…

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